Creating a record of  The Gate Studios


We have recorded on site  interviews with people who worked at the studios,

and will continue to record the story of The Gate Studios until they are                    replaced by new housing.



Scanning photos, films and videos


Many people have still photos and in a few cases films or videos of    the              earlier days of the studios. We are able to scan or copy this material

so that it can be preserved and shared with the community.  We

guarantee to return all such material within 3 working days, unless

you request that we arrange to store material for longer.



An active programme of audio interviews


We are interviewing past film workers and plan to make these interviews               accessible to all, through published transcripts, local displays and perhaps              by publication on this web site.




Working with youth


We have worked with the Students Arts Council and teachers at Hertswood

Specialist Arts College to prepare a programme for all Year 10 students.


Winning teams had the opportunity to work with film and museum                          professionals to research and create their own film and television displays

which were then publicised and exhibited locally last November. 


Several new projects for the 2007 / 2008 year are now being discussed.



Elstree  Screen  Heritage